M A R C U S  B.  M A Y
W R I T E R  /  P R O D U C E R  /  D I R E C T O R
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A new dramatic comedy play by Marcus May and Caleb Nunez

Is about two brown families, Black and Latino, having to co-exist in a city-style brownstone. A father's unwillingness to let go of his past causes major problems for his upcoming future.Things take a turn for the worse, because the parents realize their kids are falling for each other. Racial sparks begin to fly, bringing the drama to a boiling point. During these heated interactions and subtle history lessons; “On where we ALL come from”, the characters are brought to a crossroad, having to Sacrifice something or someone. The natural humor in this play will have you laughing while the dramatic experiences will have you sitting at the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.
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