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  UnFamiliar Paintings
My Synopsis
Struggling with the recent death of his mother, Michael Waters focuses his energy on his artwork while he attends a prestigious art university. His father, who has since started dating another woman, has difficulties understanding Michael’s grief. As a result, their relationship suffers.

As the school year progresses, Michael becomes acquainted with a wealthy, yet down-to-earth classmate by the name of Ana Lancaster. Trying to find her own creative voice, she and Michael get to know each other through their work.

Graffiti is Michael’s therapy through these trials and tribulations. However, when a conservative art professor demeans his work, Michael is left bewildered and in jeopardy of losing his scholarship.

Feeling as though his passion for graffiti could never break through economic barriers, Michael is lured back to his old neighborhood in the Bronx. While at home, a run in with a childhood friend provides an enticing option, requiring Michael to make the most important decision of his life — to abide by societal norms or risk losing everything.

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