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Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Marcus May has been exploring his love for writing and filmmaking since the tender age of seven.

As a student at Indiana University, Marcus played college basketball while obtaining a degree in business. Upon graduating, Marcus and his wife moved to New York City where Marcus began working for J.P. Morgan. Concurrently, never foregoing his love for motion picture, Marcus enrolled in New York University and began taking courses in screenwriting.

This year, Marcus has been tirelessly writing and producing a short film about a young, graffiti artist in New York titled, “Unfamiliar Paintings,”— currently going through the film festival circuit. Marcus lives in Manhattan with his wife, daughter and son.

My five favorite films:
1. Vanilla Sky
2. Good Will Hunting
3. 25th Hour
4. Casablanca
5. Thomas Crown Affair

Some of my favorite directors are:
1. Michael Mann
2. Spike Lee
3. Martin Scorsese
and many more...

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